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We provide health insights, data informed health professional education programs and work with health professionals and consumers to close the treatment gap.


    • Post market surveillance using MedicineInsight, a national, class leading, longitudinal data set
    • Population and condition-specific health insights, including identification of treatment gaps
    • Risk management plan compliance
    • Data collection, data mining and critical analysis
    • Program evaluation

    • Data informed, tailored programs maximising reach and return on investment
    • Accredited continuing professional development
    • Digital channels with over 100,000 registered health professionals
      • Clinical e-Audits
      • Online learning modules and case studies
    • Face-to-face engagement using a field force with national reach
      • GP practice and pharmacy visits
      • Small group and other workshops
    • Content delivery to expansive network of health professionals using multiple publications

    • Mass audience campaigns
    • Digital information resources with broad reach
    • MedicineList+ app to support adherence and medication management
    • Health coaching in collaboration with The COACH Program®, the only coaching service proven to close the treatment gap

Our Work

We are working with leading pharmaceutical and private health insurance companies.

Managing COPD : stepping up treatment

Managing COPD : stepping up treatment

Educational program

Program Aim
To address quality use of medicines issues related to pharmacological treatment via inhalers of patients diagnosed with stable COPD.

Program Summary
Structured around the Australian COPD-X guideline, this program addressed a number of quality use of medicines issues, including: stepwise medicine management; confusion about different inhaler devices and correct use; avoiding double dosing from using multiple devices containing the same medicine class.

Around 200 practices will have a small group case based meeting. This involves review of case studies, and participants are provided with a summary of the COPD-X guideline and summary of inhaled medicines for COPD.


MedicineInsight Research Project

MedicineInsight Research Project

Assessing the management of renal toxicity in primary care associated with Stribild

Program Aim
To assess the management of renal toxicity in primary care associated with Stribild to support the medicine’s risk management plan.
(Stribild tablets contain 300 mg tenofovir disoproxil fumarate / 200 mg emtricitabine / 150 mg of elvitegravir / 150 mg cobicistat).

Program Summary
To assess whether prescribers are managing the renal toxicity risks associated with Stribild appropriately through analysis of MedicineInsight data. Participating practices who specialise in HIV medicine were approached and consented to take part in the project and join the MedicineInsight program if they weren’t already involved.

Consenting practices with a specialised focus on HIV management.


The COACH Program

The COACH Program

A full service model

Program Aim
To help people achieve and maintain targets for the risk factors for their chronic disease

Program Summary
A telephone support coaching service that has been proven to help reduce risk factors for chronic disease and keep people out of hospital - A 4 year follow up of the COACH study multicentre RCT demonstrated a 20% reduction in hospital beddays

Full service offering for members referred by participating health funds


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About Us

VentureWise - Part of the MedicineWise Group

VentureWise Pty Ltd is an independently run, wholly owned commercial subsidiary of NPS MedicineWise ( VentureWise was established in 2015 to explore commercial opportunities with pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance and other health service providers.

The work of VentureWise remains consistent with the mission of NPS MedicineWise to help people make the best decisions about medicines and other health choices. As a small entrepreneurial company, VentureWise can respond quickly to new opportunities, provide custom built solutions for customers, and extend the scope and penetration of products and services of NPS MedicineWise.

Board Members


Greg Hughes

Managing Director

Greg is a chartered accountant with 20 years experience in various CFO and commercial executive roles in the health services, IT, hospitality and tourism, and professional services industries. Greg is a strong advocate for the sustainability of the for-impact sector through commercial enterprise.


Janette Randall


Janette is a general practitioner in Brisbane and has been significantly involved in the divisions of general practice program since 1997, having held various roles with her local division of general practice in Queensland. Janette was the chair of the NPS MedicineWise. Board from August 2007 until December 2015.


James Langridge

BBus,  MEdAdmin,  DBA,  FAICD

Jim spent 30 years in higher education administration and until early 2009 held the joint appointments of vice principal (international) at the University of Wollongong and CEO/ managing director of the ITC Group of Companies (UOW’s commercial arm). Jim is also a director of NPS MedicineWise, a position he has held since 2009.

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